PA1- My environment

I’m now sitting on my chair of my shared bedroom. From where I usually sit to study or be productive I can see both of my roommate’s desk. One of them is right in front of mine, we are almost sharing our spaces, but the other one is actually located in the left corner of the room. The fact that the mentioned corner is not actually 90 degrees creates an unusual space and breaks all parallel lines of the room. The continuous wall of said corner contains a triple set of windows which we can barely open. Trough them we can only see an orange kind brick wall, and we can also perceive some branches. Here I leave a little sketch of said room (ROOM SKETCH).



– Why did you choose this place?

It might sound as a story but it’s my reality right now: I have chosen this place because I literally have nowhere else to go as I am in a temporal lockdown. Also, this particular perspective is what I see every time I sit at my desk doing whatever.

– What makes you comfortable?

In this little space that I have drown what really makes me comfortable is its natural light which comes in through that window. It’s comfortable because it helps when I’m studying or just chilling, natural light is always better.

– Is there any disruptive element?

Yes, actually there is. The fact that all walls aren’t parallel or all corners aren’t well shaped leads to an uneven use of the space. What I mean by uneven is that for example the desk facing the left wall isn’t touching the frontal wall and so leaves a triangle shaped hole between the desk and the wall. It kind of bothers be and distracts me when I’m analyzing the room or whatever.

– Do you think you’d feel the same way in another space right now?

Actually I don’t thin so. Every space has its own characteristics which makes it unique. You can’t compare a feeling which is created by a dorm with the feeling that is created in my home bedroom. Every space really creates its own atmosphere with its elements and location.

– Do you think that the conditions of this space influence its occupants? How?

As I said before, every place has its own atmosphere which is created by its elements and their location. The fact that we are used to living in this specific way makes every little change disturbing and therefore, it influences its occupants. An example would be changing the location of the window, the natural illumination would be different and that could influence in how concentrated we are in our tasks, or we would end up turning on an artificial light.

– Would you change anything?

Yes I would, in fact when I first entered this room I thought that if I were the designer I would have made every wall even in order to maximize space. There’s a lot of useless space which could be used to put more storage facilities or just decoration.