About me

Hello there! My name is Olaya V. Suau and I’m currently strating the first year of «Fundamentos de la arquitectura» in the UPV. I’m actually from Mallorca and I moved here in Valencia with some friends in order to have an opportunity with Architecture.

Since I was a llittle girls I used to dream and draw houses that I invented. None of them were realistic of course, they were enormous with plenty of unused space, so I always dreamed about the day that I would finally design houses which were a bit rational.

Some of my passions include music (not only listening to it but also playing it with my Piano). I find curious how many people which are studing Architecture are involved somehow in the music world.

In the future I want to become some kind of architectural critic, so I must learn everything that I can in order to evaluate others. Also in my mind I have as a goal to work as eco-friendly as I can.