Colors are responsible for a variety of psychic stimuli, most of them unconscious. Color actively influences the experience of the viewer, and the architecture is no different. Colors in architecture can affect us positively or negatively and perform an equally important function as the building elements that make up an architectural work.

The decision on the final color of a construction is a responsibility. Whether it is a private home, a commercial place, an educational, social or leisure center, color is a very important part of the finish and not just for the aesthetic appearance of the building.

«The colorful feeling is produced by the hues of the light that is refracted or reflected by the material. The word color is often used to indicate the hues that act as stimuli in the chrome feel. «

Israel Pedrosa
Prestwood Infant School Dining Hall / De Rosee Sa.


Black buildings tend to look cold and contemplative, although in some situations they can also be viewed as somber. Well thought-out black lighting inside and out can make rooms and facades less dark and oppressive. While the black wood architecture looks rustic and introverted, metallic black accents are often used to create modern and stylish rooms.

Anastasia Andryushchenko


We connect it with the beginning and the new. It is the color of truth, honesty and goodness. Cleanliness, purity and hygiene are associated with the color white.

Citozina, Otros


Due to the combination of yellow and red, it conveys the idea of intensity, creativity, euphoria and enthusiasm. It is often used in creative settings such as offices, studios and schools. Used in conjunction with blue, it conveys the idea of impulsivity and confidence, which has been adopted by banking agencies and offices.

Arlington Construction Management


The color of all passions and determined by two vital experiences: fire and blood, the most powerful color, the color of the life force. Associated with black, they convey information about passion and mystery.

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It is the color of optimism, lies and envy, enlightenment and understanding. Pure yellow is the color of lighting and, in combination with black, becomes a symbol of impurity and insecurity as other colors easily influence it.

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Purple can be even softer and more relaxed than blue, especially when used in pastels and scattered light settings. Neon purple, especially neon purple light, is bright and exciting and they can make a lasting impression due to their uniqueness.

Dmitry Koval & Hank Smith


It gives a feeling of positivity, confidence and security. It is often used in commercial and/or commercial spaces such as bank branches, offices and businesses.



Another unusual color for architecture, green, especially emerald green or pastel green, is very relaxing and healing. Even neon green, as bright as it is, generally looks calmer than other neon colors. However, greenish yellow, if not used properly, can appear extremely «clinical», especially when equated with white. Externally, the green walls and the green roofs suggest durability and evoke friendly warmth.

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